Image critique for your photography?

Just wondering how many photographers are interested in an image critique?

Tweet me @theLightMatters or leave a comment and let me know…

Can’t promise anything but I want to test the water. If there’s sufficient interest I’ll arrange run a critique trial over the summer

Cracking the QRCode…?

I’ve been getting through a lot of business cards over the last few months from the increase in my networking and marketing activities. So much to that it’s soon going to be time to order the next batch. This time I wanted to do something a little different. I’m happy with the card design per se but wanted to do something a little different with the QRCode. Nothing wrong with the code as it stands. It’s reasonable compact and scans well on the original design but I’m not sure that the vCard is really the right payload.

For the next generation I wanted something a little more useful. Something that the end user would value. Hopefully something that the end user would value enough to keep or even pass to someone who might need the services of a photographer. This time I wanted to include an offer. But not just an offer code that would expire in time. I needed an offer that I could change without having to modify the card. Cue the website. Continue reading Cracking the QRCode…? »

Yesterday I bought a different colour shirt…

…because I want today to be different. Because I want to feel different today. Because I want to behave differently today.

Today is the day I’ve decided to set aside to focus on WHAT I will achieve over the forthcoming months.

Today is the day I’ve decided to set aside to focus on WHERE I want to go.

Today is the day I’ve decided to set aside to focus on WHEN I want to do it by.

Why today? What’s so special about today? Because… Continue reading Yesterday I bought a different colour shirt… »

Scanning my work!!

Something occured to me yesterday whilst reviewing an order from one of my clients – why had they spent so much money on 6×4 prints? The answer is obvious really – they’re being bought to be scanned. I’m not sure if this is something I can guard against. There is always going to be someone who will try to scan an image in order to have an electronic copy for whatever reason. Maybe to share on one of the many social network sites or to obtain their own larger prints or canvases.

I certainly hope it isn’t the latter – producing a canvas from a scan of a 6×4 print probably won’t give too great a result. Especially when compared to the original image reproduced on one of my stretched canvases. Continue reading Scanning my work!! »

Wedding Belles

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. Hasn’t happened before mainly because I simply didn’t know what to put into it. Still don’t to be brutally honest so we’ll see where we end up.

Anyway, the reason behind this post is that I’m off on a four day wedding seminar next week. Should be a really good event too as it covers all apects of the industry from technique to processing to products, to pricing to marketing to running  the business itself. Continue reading Wedding Belles »