My photography ebook is finally here – #ProudMoment

Photography Ebook: 10 Top Tips for Better Images -- Start making better photos todayAfter 2 years in the making, today is a very proud moment — my photography ebook is finally here.

I wrote about it first on this post a looooong time ago and this morning I finished it, compiled it and published it through eshop.

I’ve called it 10 Top Tips for Making Better Images and it’s aimed at new and aspiring photographers alike who want to improve their photographic skills and start to make better images. The goal was very simple: to write a book that’s easy to read and free from as much technical jargon as possible. Of course, there has to be a bit or the reader would never know which control to adjust but I’ve kept it to an absolute minimum.

It’s also camera agnostic too. By that I mean it’s valid for any DSLR camera and most of the content is also applicable to bridge cameras, compact cameras and even camera phones.

My ebook is available for immediate download when purchased through theLightMatters’ shop and is available in both EPUB and PDF formats

Sneak peek… Read the first two chapters before you buy

The first two chapters are now available for you to read when you click through to book in our on-line shop along with the table of contents.

Hope you enjoy it. Writing a photography ebook has been on my bucket list for a while now and although I started it over 2 years ago, I finally scheduled the time to finish writing it and publish it through my blog. When I figure out how, I’ll also make it available through Amazon too, hopefully as a hard copy.


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