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Have you ever wanted feedback on your photos?

Would you like to know what you could do to improve your work?

Are you intrigued why some of your images ‘work’ and others don’t?

Grab one of our FREE image critiques and we’ll run through a structured analysis of your images and let you know what works, what doesn’t and how you could improve them.

BUT… you’ll have to hurry. They take a lot of time to do so to avoid getting snowed under we’re offering a very limited number. Book your critique today if there’s still one left.

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Product Description

Take advantage of our FREE photo critique…

Request a photo critique and we’ll give you structured feedback on your work.

  • Identify things that you’re doing well
  • Spot potential issues
  • Discover how to improve your images

What does a photo critique consider?

  • Overall impression and aesthetics of your image
  • Subject matter and portrayal
  • Background
  • Framing and composition
  • Exposure and camera settings
  • Use of light
  • Suggested improvements
  • etc.

What a critique doesn’t do…

Our photo critique is exactly that. It’s a critique of your work and not there to stroke your ego so if you’re fishing for compliments this isn’t for you. We give praise where it’s due and suggest improvements where we think you could do better.

Similarly a critique isn’t there to knock you down or nit pick over every pixel. We look at the bigger picture and don’t pixel peep or criticise every minute, insignificant detail. It you’ve ever asked for constructive criticism on a forum, you’ll appreciate where I’m coming from on that point.

Lastly, a critique isn’t intended as a cheap means of publicity, endorsement or advertising of yourself or your work.

How the critique system works…

  1. Click the Add to Cart button to a critique to your shopping cart.
  2. Proceed to the checkout and enter your name, email address.
  3. Complete your purchase. For a free critique there’s nothing to pay.
  4. Check your email — you should receive an automated reply with instructions on how to send us your images. Please DO NOT email them to us!
  5. Choose three images you’d like critiqued and make sure they adhere to our image guidelines (see below).
  6. Follow the instructions in the email we sent you to click through to your image submission form and send us your images
  7. We’ll do a critique for you and publish it on with a link back to your website and the image credits you provided**

(** Please note the critique system is for serious photographers who want to improve their work. A photo critique isn’t there for cheap adverts and any attempt at such will invalidate your request, resulting in a ban on future critiques)


The spirit of these requirements is that we’re happy to provide a critique that would benefit both you and our readers if you’re happy for us to publish it along with your images.

Image requirements for critique…

By requesting a critique of your images you agree to adhere to these requirements for submission

  1. You must own the copyright on every image you submit for a critique
  2. If people are recognisable within an image you must ensure you have their permission to submit that image for critique
  3. You grant us permission in perpetuity to publish your critique and the images you’ve submitted for critique on, our YouTube channel and social media. For the avoidance of doubt, we will only use your images in conjunction with your critique or promoting your critique and not in any other context.
  4. You further agree we aren’t responsible for 3rd parties who download or use images obtained from our website, YouTube channel or social media.
  5. Copyright of your images remains with you and we’ll add your credit line next to each image. We’ll also add a link back to your website if provided on your submission form
  6. Each image must be at least 1000px on it’s shortest edge
  7. Each image must be un-watermarked so we can critique it for you. You can add your name and/or logo discretely in one corner if it does not detract from the image.
  8. Images and/or credit lines that we deem to be advertisements will not be critiqued and we reserve the right to reject your entire submission. Persistent offenders will be banned.
  9. Unsuitable images will be rejected and result in an immediate ban on further critiques. This includes, but is not limited to images that are: pornographic, erotic, derogatory, defamatory, abusive, violent, depict illegal on unsavoury acts etc.




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