Themed Shoot – Bike Garage

Bike Garage Studio Set Featuring Alternative Model Nina Kate

Had the privilege of photographing the lovely alternative model, Nina Kate a few days ago. The theme was to be a bike garage so we built an oily set in the studio to, the centre piece being a very large and very expensive matte black motorbike. I don’t know anything about bikes and there were no badges on it so don’t ask me what it was. I have absolutely no idea.

The lighting on the set was very straightforward. Mainly just a big octabank softbox on a Profoto head an a little separation light on the background. The set being very dark didn’t need much and anythng more would have been overkill.

My biggest fear on this set was contrast. The set was very dark being predominantly a black and muted silver pallette and Nina has very, very pale skin. An incident meter reading did the trick as always though and I think the results came out OK.

I’ve only posted the one image here – to see the remainder of this set you’ll have to pay a visit to my main website,

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