The true genius of Mark Robert Halper

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts this year and one photographer that they have introduced me to is a gentleman by the name of Mark Robert Halper. If you haven’t heard of him before or come across his work, it is definitely worth popping over to his website to have a quick look. (BTW – Can’t show any of his images here as I don’t have permission but they’re easy enough to see if you go to his website).

For me, the man is a true genius and this is very evident simply by looking at the depth of each of his images. What I like about the podcasts I’ve been listening to is the way he discusses each shot in detail and the care and attention to detail that has gone into each one. One is easily fooled upon a first glance to mistake a lot of his work for pure happenstance such is his skill and ability to control it.

I would urge anyone serious about their craft to take a look at his work and other like him with a view to seeing what can be achieved by simply pushing oneself a bit harder each time.

You never know, one day he may run some of his workshops here in the UK and that would definitely be money well spent.

To hear Mark Robert Halper talk about his work, check out the podcasts over at CameraDojo here and LightSource here and here.

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