Free Photography Course

Learn to See like a Photographer — Free Photography Course


The Photography Course where you’ll discover a whole new world…

Don’t be that guy with all the gear trying to take pictures of ducks and squirrels in the park

When you discover how to see like a photographer your photos will jump to another level. Immediately. What’s more they won’t fall back. Learning to see like a photographer is like learning how to ride a bike — you never forget.

Best of all, this photography course is suitable for everyone regardless of knowledge and experience. It doesn’t matter what camera you have either (as long as you have one). I’ve taught this course to professional photographers with top DSLRs and primary school children with ancient compact cameras. One person even did it with their mobile phone. They’ve all improved, each and every one of them.

How does this photography course work?

Very simply, once you’ve enrolled we’ll send you your joining instructions. You’ll then receive a set of 12 photo assignments, one per week for the next 12 weeks.

The assignments will give you a theme and ask you to make 5 images. You’ll have 1 week to do it and the amount of effort you invest is entirely up to you. The harder you try, the better your images will be and the more progress you’ll make throughout your photography course.


Is there a catch? Nope. It’s also completely free too. Apart from a couple of hours of your time each week you have nothing to lose. As an added bonus we’ll also keep you updated with new articles from too

BTW – In time I may make this a subscription course so it’s probably best to enrol now whilst it’s still free. Just fill out the form, confirm your email address and you’re all set.