Wedding Seminar, Day 1

IMG_3882Yesterday was an amazing and eye opening day. It really challenged my photographic knowledge, skills and pre-conceptions. The biggest thing for me was linking everything I’d learnt before together and more importantly, when to ignore that knowledge and to have the confidence and conviction to try something out, solve the puzzle and make it work. In hindsight a lot of the technique is blindingly obvious which probably makes it significantly harder to realise.

That may seem cavalier but this is specific to wedding photography, applicable to portraits and would destroy a landscape. It all boils down to what one is IMG_3829shooting at the time. And *that* is important to bear in mind.

Yesterday’s shoot was fantastic. Lots of low light work, inside a beautiful church, only using available light. A good challenge and great fun too and to be honest was probably the first time I’d ever really stressed the equipment: high ISO, wide open aperture, image stabilisation and a slow shutter speed. My 20D would have really struggled under these conditions, but the 5DmkIItook it all in it’s stride 🙂 The instructors were absolutely fantastic and full credit goes to them for putting together the lessons we went through to get the images we did.For the detail of the course, check out

To sum up: yesterday was fantastic and very tiring. When I wrote this post I was really looking forward to Day 2 to start in the blissful ignorance of what was waiting for me. If I thought Day 1 was good, Day 2 was just about to get even better.

Have fun,

More sample shots from the day. All taken with the 5dmkII and the EF70-200 f2.8L IS.



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