Wedding Seminar, Day 1

IMG_3882Yesterday was an amazing and eye opening day. It really challenged my photographic knowledge, skills and pre-conceptions. The biggest thing for me was linking everything I’d learnt before together and more importantly, when to ignore that knowledge and to have the confidence and conviction to try something out, solve the puzzle and make it work. In hindsight a lot of the technique is blindingly obvious which probably makes it significantly harder to realise.

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How to fix a broken brolly

I’m sure I’m not alone in having a gust o fwind blow over a light stand and snap a brolly pole. No, I thought not. I think it’s a natural part of the learning process, the lesson being taught is that of adding ballast (aka camera bag) to the stand to prevent it.

But, what of the brolly? Is it now confined to the bin? Absolutely not.

When this happened to me the other day, I thought “bother, now what am I going to do?” I needed it for a model shoot the following day, and there was no time to go out and replace it.

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