World’s best tweetable #photography #quote page

Wor;d's best photography quotes page

Photography quotes for you to Tweet…

These aren’t my quotes — they’re a collection of the words of wisdom I’ve collected over the years from some of the greatest photographers. If there are any errors on this page or you’d like to offer a quote to add to it, please tweet me, @theLightMatters, and let me know 🙂

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Happy Birthday – 6 Years as a Photography Business

Photography Business 6 Years Old -- Happy Birthday

Six years ago my photography business was born…

…I was sitting in an ‘All Hands’ company meeting with my employer, Nokia, in London. I’m sure you know the kind of event I mean. It’s the one where the company brings all their employees together so they all hear a piece of news at the same time. It’s usually bad news too: a big redundancy announcement, closure of the business or something else that the employees need to hear first hand rather than learn through the press.

This meeting was to be a large redundancy announcement. I’d been forewarned by one of my sources a few weeks earlier so thankfully I’d had time to think and prepare if he turned out to be correct.

He was.

How it all began…

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