Advertising for Second shooters…

I’ve been looking at a few adverts for second shooters recently. There are a lot out there too but one in particular caught my eye this morning.

The advertiser was looking for 4 or 5 wedding photographers to cover his bookings for next year. These aren’t for second shooters or assistants though. Oh no – he is looking for lead photographers. Interesting business model:

  • book the brides for the season
  • figure out how many weddings you need to cover
  • hire a few wannabes to shoot for you

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Gavin’s adventures in AdLand…

I’ve been getting a few junk telephone calls trying to persuade me to sign up for managed Google AdWord accounts recently. It’s very expensive too. Most of them are coming in at over £100 per month with the claims that they will “actively manage my account to ensure that I am on the first page of Google.” Firstly, that is way, way too expensive for me and secondly, I simply don’t believe it. The benefit to me, I was told, is that I won’t need to spend an hour and a half each week managing my adwords account. I don’t know about you, but I certainly believe that £100 for 6 hours work is a little pricey. I’d been planning to make use of Google’s AdWord service as part of my overall marketing strategy so I thought I’d do some research to find out what all the fuss is about. This post is about my investigation and the results I have obtained within jus the first week. Continue reading Gavin’s adventures in AdLand… »

Something cool to cheer myself up

Been having a miserable week so I spent half an hour or so this afternoon making this, courtesy of Animoto. Well worth checking out if you want to do something similar. My drop a few of these around the interweb as a way of marketing.

Have fun and hope you feel better than I do at the moment,

BTW – I should add that the image quality is poor because (a) I only used 750×500 images and (b) I’m a tight-wad and haven’t paid for their service yet.