When it comes to growth hacking photography, exposure is EVERYTHING…

When it comes to growth hacking photography, exposure is EVERYTHING…

Growth hacking photography is all about exposure! The number 1 struggle my followers have is getting noticed…

  • Getting more people to visit their gallery
  • Getting more clients for their business
  • Knowing how to promote themselves and their images

You live or die based on your ability to promote yourself and the common denominator skill is marketing.

There, I said it.

Trouble is most photographers, especially those who’ve started it as a second career, don’t know jack about self promotion or how to market themselves. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard or read the phrase “my pictures speak for themselves

BTW, if that’s you, wake up and get with the program — they don’t!!!

Not unless you actually do something to get your pictures in front of the person who’s going to buy one.

FACT: if you don’t get visitors to your gallery, you’ll never make any picture sales.

Serendipity is as poor a marketing strategy as relying on impulse buyers is to sales Click To Tweet

What you don’t see is your next best customer who walks straight passed your store without so much as a sideways glance because she’s door stepped at the entrance by some punk with mediocre snaps, a good patter and who’s easy to buy from.

What’s the solution?

Growth Hacking Photography Businesses 101

YOU need to take control. You need some kind of plan and any plan, even a bad plan, is better than no plan at all.

Let me explain with an example…

Let’s say you want to fish for salmon. To catch a salmon you can’t do it from your living room — you’ve got to go out. Where do you go? There’s a trout pond just down the road, perfect :-). But if there’s no salmon in it (and I’d be amazed if there is) you’re not going to catch a salmon. You’ll be fishing in the wrong pond and completely wasting your time. So, what do you do?

First step: You have to find out where the salmon are. That means doing some research

  • Where do the salmon swim?
  • Where do other salmon fishermen go to catch salmon?
  • What else is trying to catch a salmon?

Figure this out and you have a much better idea but there’s another hurdle: what to use as bait? Again, more research

  • What do salmon like to eat?
  • Where does it grow?

Answer those simple questions and you stand significantly more chance of catching a salmon than just sitting at home in your comfy chair or staring at your float in the trout pond wondering why nothing bites.

Or worse, you might end up with something you didn’t want.

Photography is just the same. To get more business you need to know

  • Who your client is
  • Where you can find them
  • What bait do you need to reel them in

…and that, dear reader, is the first step to growth hacking your photography business. Sure, they’re not easy questions to answer. That’s why most people give up. They write a web page and tweet about it or simply say “my images speak for themselves”.

And they wonder why the phone doesn’t ring?

The biggest secret to building a successful photography business…

…is to make finding and getting new clients your number one priority every single day.

Unsure how to do it? We have something that can help. We’ve put together a simple, easy to use plan that’s stuffed full of ideas you can use and implement today. If you’re stuck figuring out how to find new leads and then convert them into clients, you need this. Available to buy, right now, in our online store.

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