World’s best tweetable #photography #quote page

Wor;d's best photography quotes page

Photography quotes for you to Tweet…

These aren’t my quotes — they’re a collection of the words of wisdom I’ve collected over the years from some of the greatest photographers. If there are any errors on this page or you’d like to offer a quote to add to it, please tweet me, @theLightMatters, and let me know 🙂

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Introducing a whole new look and feel…

In case you hadn’t noticed, has had a big and very long overdue makeover.

The old version was ok but looked very dated and didn’t work too well on mobile devices. (Well, the site was created way back in 2009 and technology has moved on a lot since then)

What’s new…

  • Cleaner, contemporary design
  • More responsive design to give the reader a better experience on handheld devices
  • Less clutter — the sidebar has been pruned to remove all the junk
  • New search feature to make it easier to find stuff
  • Higher contrast interface to make it easier to read
  • Clutter-free print layout

…plus a whole bunch of other stuff under the hood too.

There’s more to come too as  we work on rationalising the business and making the 2017 strategy come alive.

We can’t do it without you though…

That’s right — we need your input. Let us know the type of content you’d like to see by leaving a comment below. We can’t promise to deliver it but we’ll definitely give it a go.

Speak soon,

Happy Birthday – 6 Years as a Photography Business

Photography Business 6 Years Old -- Happy Birthday

Six years ago my photography business was born…

…I was sitting in an ‘All Hands’ company meeting with my employer, Nokia, in London. I’m sure you know the kind of event I mean. It’s the one where the company brings all their employees together so they all hear a piece of news at the same time. It’s usually bad news too: a big redundancy announcement, closure of the business or something else that the employees need to hear first hand rather than learn through the press.

This meeting was to be a large redundancy announcement. I’d been forewarned by one of my sources a few weeks earlier so thankfully I’d had time to think and prepare if he turned out to be correct.

He was.

How it all began…

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Know your value, know your costs – Professional Photography

Perhaps the biggest challenge you’ll come across as you move into professional photography is working out how much to charge for your services. This is crucial to your success. Much more so than your photography I would argue for the simple reason that if you’re not profitable you’re not going to succeed as a professional.

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