Gavin’s adventures in AdLand…

I’ve been getting a few junk telephone calls trying to persuade me to sign up for managed Google AdWord accounts recently. It’s very expensive too. Most of them are coming in at over £100 per month with the claims that they will “actively manage my account to ensure that I am on the first page of Google.” Firstly, that is way, way too expensive for me and secondly, I simply don’t believe it. The benefit to me, I was told, is that I won’t need to spend an hour and a half each week managing my adwords account. I don’t know about you, but I certainly believe that £100 for 6 hours work is a little pricey. I’d been planning to make use of Google’s AdWord service as part of my overall marketing strategy so I thought I’d do some research to find out what all the fuss is about. This post is about my investigation and the results I have obtained within jus the first week. Continue reading Gavin’s adventures in AdLand… »

Something cool to cheer myself up

Been having a miserable week so I spent half an hour or so this afternoon making this, courtesy of Animoto. Well worth checking out if you want to do something similar. My drop a few of these around the interweb as a way of marketing.

Have fun and hope you feel better than I do at the moment,

BTW – I should add that the image quality is poor because (a) I only used 750×500 images and (b) I’m a tight-wad and haven’t paid for their service yet.

New advertising artwork

Just finished the artwork for my first real advertising campaign. Not sure how it will ultimately turn out so any comments welcome.

This first one is the artwork for a local family magazine. I’m looking to place a small advert in the next edition that is due to be published in November. The artwork presented an interesting design challenge because at 1/16th of an A4 page, it is only 45mm wide by 60mm tall. Not much real estate to work with and ensure that the text is readable. The design itself is based on the larger 8×6 flyer artwork below. Unfortunately I had to drop my email address from the artwork in favour of the phone number.

Family Grapevine Advertisement
Family Grapevine Advertisement

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Market Madness

I’ve been doing a lot of research into marketing recently and it’s really a fascinating and very deep topic. Much more so than I had previously thought. In fact, I’m slowly changing my whole mindset on marketing and considering it now as a science rather than an art. [Ed. There is an argument here that the marketing people actually want this perception so have gone out to create it, but I’m not going there in this post :o) ]

What my research has done though is to get me thinking more about about the overall impact of my sites rather then their look. Everyone I’ve spoken to so far has said something along the lines of “Wow, that is really cool”. Therein lies the problem Continue reading Market Madness »