My photography ebook is finally here – #ProudMoment

Photography Ebook: 10 Top Tips for Better Images -- Start making better photos todayAfter 2 years in the making, today is a very proud moment — my photography ebook is finally here.

I wrote about it first on this post a looooong time ago and this morning I finished it, compiled it and published it through eshop.

I’ve called it 10 Top Tips for Making Better Images and it’s aimed at new and aspiring photographers alike who want to improve their photographic skills and start to make better images. The goal was very simple: to write a book that’s easy to read and free from as much technical jargon as possible. Of course, there has to be a bit or the reader would never know which control to adjust but I’ve kept it to an absolute minimum.

It’s also camera agnostic too. By that I mean it’s valid for any DSLR camera and most of the content is also applicable to bridge cameras, compact cameras and even camera phones.

My ebook is available for immediate download when purchased through theLightMatters’ shop and is available in both EPUB and PDF formats

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Printing your images — how to prepare and print successfully

Printing your images -- successfully prepare for printing

Printing your images — how to properly prepare and print your images

Printing an image requires more thought and preparation than printing a document. It’s not difficult, you just need to be aware of a couple of extra steps…

  1. Sizing for print
  2. Setting the correct colour profile
  3. Final sharpening

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Is cloud storage a viable solution for a photography business?

Cloud storage for a photography business

Cloud storage — is it viable for a photography business?

I’ve looked into cloud storage as an off-site backup solution several times in the past. On face value storing images in the cloud seems the perfect solution technically:

  • you have access on the go
  • off-site backup
  • high availability and no maintenance

there are several show stopper reasons why it’s not viable (for me at least).

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What is ISO? How to set it correctly on your camera

Camera Sensor ISO Setting

What is ISO on a camera?

ISO is a scale of numbers that refer to your camera’s sensitivy to light. They usually start at ISO100 and increase from there to ISO25600 and even higher. Following the megapixel wars of the Naughties, the leading camera manufacturers turned their attention to ISO. We’ve since seen some incredible advances in sensor technology with some cameras now able to record images in near total darkness.

The general rule of thumb for ISO is the higher the number, the more sensitive your camera is to light. Doubling the ISO doubles the sensitivity and increases the exposure by 1 stop but not without a cost. As the ISO increases so does the noise in the image. Set your ISO too high and you’ll either have to Continue reading What is ISO? How to set it correctly on your camera »

Best free business tools for your photography business

Best Free Business Tools for a Photography Business

Business Tools don’t need to be expensive…

Business tools don’t come cheap, especially if you look to the industry leading software packages and services for your photography business. If you’re prepared to do some digging you’ll find some great business tools to improve your productivity and support your business that are available for free.

This article introduces you to the free business tools I’ve used (and in some cases still use) within my own company.

SugarCRM (Community Edition) — Open source CRM business tool

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