What is Aperture Priority and when should I use it?

What is aperture Priority? When should I use it?

First things first, Aperture Priority is your ‘go to’ mode for almost all your photos. It’s the mode I use all the while unless…

  • Time is an important element of the image
  • I’m using studio flash
  • I’m in a situation that demands or requires full control over the camera

If you use the fully automatic mode (green rectangle on most DSLRs) at the moment, I’d encourage you to switch over to Aperture Priority (Av on Canon or A on Nikon) for a while at least Continue reading What is Aperture Priority and when should I use it? »

World’s best tweetable #photography #quote page

Wor;d's best photography quotes page

Photography quotes for you to Tweet…

These aren’t my quotes — they’re a collection of the words of wisdom I’ve collected over the years from some of the greatest photographers. If there are any errors on this page or you’d like to offer a quote to add to it, please tweet me, @theLightMatters, and let me know 🙂

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How much to charge for your photography?

How much to charge for photography?

How much should you charge for your photography?

If you’ve ever been asked “how much do you charge for photography?” and been unsure what to say, I’ve written this article just for you.

When I first started to charge for my photography, I made a ton of mistakes. I was really busy and it generated a lot of referrals but I wasn’t earning any money. Worse still, all those client referrals expected the same price too, further compounding the situation.

Something had to change and this is what I did. I want to share it with you so you don’t make the same mistakes I did when I first started out.

Coming up with a price is easy: after all, it’s just a number and they’ll either say “yes” or “no”. But how do you know if the number is right before you tell them?

That’s the tricky part. When you start to charge for photography, coming up with a price is a delicate balance… Continue reading How much to charge for your photography? »