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Writing my first photography book…

My first photography book is almost here… Ever since I started theLightMatters I’ve wanted to write a book. Trouble is I’ve never been able too start. Every time I start a blank document in Word and start to type I find I end up distracting myself with styles, paragraph formats …

Money does grow on trees

How to earn money from your photos

I’m a firm believer that anyone can earn money from selling their photos. In fact, that’s exactly how I first started — just the odd random photo here and there. One thing led to another and now I run my own photography business.

That’s not perhaps everyone’s cup-of-tea but the ability to take something you’ve created and use it to earn a bit of extra cash is always good.

Don’t worry if you think they’re not good enough — pursuing a more commercial approach to your photography is a great way to improve. It moves you to a different mindset: you start to see things you’ve never noticed before, you start to ‘feel’ the image before it’s made and you push yourself to do better and better with every frame.

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